Workstation Assessments

RKBODYWORKS provide DSE computer workstation assessments to enable you to minimise the stress associated with seated posture and computer use.

Available in two options:

Individual assessment where the following will be discussed with you:

  • The importance of good posture
  • How you should have your equipment set up, and understand why
  • Make sure that you know and understand how to use your equipment
  • Discuss solutions to any problems identified

Each assessment is 30 minutes and contains a summary of recommended actions for the individual and the employer.

Workshop. Ideal for large groups where we will go through the following:

  • The importance of good posture
  • How you can adjust your office chair for optimum support
  • Make sure you understand and know how to set your monitor to the correct height
  • How to identify any problems when self assessing and what to do about it

Afterwards the assessor will be on hand to oversee you as you set up your own workstation accordingly.


£25 Individual assessment
£250 Workshop day rate